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Attack planner (timer) - external tool


I had some free time lately so ive decided to make a simple app that would count all the "army sending times" which can get confusing when u are trying to organize higher number of attacks from different towns and u want them all to arrive at the same time. U just enter time it takes your army to get from its home city to target and exact time of arrival and the rest of the job will do the app. U can set up alarm to be notified few minutes before the actualy sendig time by sound and visual signalization. This app wont send units for you, it will only notify u when its time to do so. Its all made in flash, so theres no need to install enything (since grepolis is using flash you already should have flash player). It works in browser but there is also download option to get *.exe file of this program.


All ideas and suggestions are welcome. :)